Referral Rewards

Training Group

Your 1st & 2nd are your Training Group. You receive $100.00 for each of these 2.

Training Bonus Group

You earn additional $100.00 BONUSES, starting with the 3rd and continuing with each additional of your first two, to INFINITY! Plus additional $100 BONUSES from their first two and the first two of theirs, etc, to INFINITY! So you benefit again and again from your first two without any limitations, to INFINITY! This is your Training BONUS Group.

Primary Group

You earn $100.00 from your 3rd and $100.00 from each additional associate thereafter! So you may build as wide as you like, but you are not required to go beyond 3. This is your Primary Group.

You earn an additional $100.00 from the first two of anyone and everyone in your Primary Group! You also earn an additional $100 from their first two, and an additional $100 from their first two, and from their first 2 and their first 2, etc, to INFINITY!

As you can see, this can double down without any limits! You do not have to fill a level. When one enters, you get $100! There are no breakaway levels! It can continue, ad infinitum! This is still your Primary Group.

Primary Bonus Group

You earn $100.00 beginning with the third associate membership and continuing with each additional associate membership of anyone and everyone in your Primary Group, and from their first two and their first two, on any level, to INFINITY! This is your Primary BONUS Group.

Leadership Group

You earn an additional $100.00 from the third associate membership and each additional associate membership of your Primary BONUS Group, and from their first two and their first two, etc, to INFINITY! This is your Leadership BONUS Group!

Each year, when you and your members renew their memberships, you receive all the revenue you received in the previous year, all over again, plus any and all new revenue generated from new members, both width and depth, to INFINITY!

Good morning Rick, my name is Nick H., new Member Associate Owner of WTIA 2.0 and also of Lead Generating Tools. Steve Swetman is wonderful, with 950 hits and growing! I am personally promoting WTIA like crazy. B. Hedges is my team leader and recent Facebook friend. I want to thank you for all of these wonderful programs and God bless you. - Nick H.
I've also signed up for LGT. Steve is very patient with me as I have been very intimidated by trying to set things up. Thank you for referring me to him. I always look forward to your YouTube videos. God bless you and yours. - Lorri G.
I am currently subscribing to your Easy Email Marketing with Internet Marketing Know How E-course. I can truly say that this is the first of several internet biz E-courses that really makes sense and has great potential provided I can soak it all in. Thank you for the E-course. - Eric
This is a photo of my house that WTIA 1.0 helped me to pay for. After 25 years no one has been able to duplicate the unique pay plan. - B. Hedges
I am absolutely delighted and very appreciative of earning a thousand dollars today! That is good news any day of the week. You can walk down a street in any city and not find a dollar all day long, but join The Wealth System™ and put in some effort and with the help of others, create a small fortune! - V. Lantz
I want to commend Mr. Matthews on his skills as a business person and as a human being. I recently had a family emergency and needed funds to pay for funerals. I had money invested in Investment Club and requested my funds from Rick. He responded immediately and returned my investment quickly. Even though payment processing companies were down at the time and were not able to transfer funds, Mr. Matthews sent me a Personal Check! He is an honest and caring person. I respect him a great deal. He has a history of always doing the right thing for his company and for those that work with him. Thank you Rick! - Many Thanks, D. Fahy
Funds from a particular investment group I was invested with were lost due to the highly publicised bankruptcy of a well known worldwide financial firm, Peregrine Financial Group. Now, I must say that most people would not have taken this news well. But knowing Rick after all these years, I knew he probably had some plan in place to deal with the situation. And sure enough, Rick laid out a plan for us to recoup our lost funds. Lo and behold in less than 3 days it happened. Not only do I have my lost funds back but I’m also positioned to make many times that amount over and over again.  Keep in mind that Rick did not have to do this because he was not responsible for the situation and we all knew the risks involved when we joined the investment group. Kudos to Rick for being a man of integrity. - P. Pettway
I became a Member Associate of The WealthSystem(TM) in January of 2007, almost 6 years ago at the time of this writing. Since that time I have learned a great deal from Rick Mathews and we have built a strong and profitable business relationship. I am still being paid on a regular basis from the work I did in 2007! Since that time, Rick has recommended ancillary ventures, and I have followed him. I now have a downline group of 13,707 members, who are on my mailing list and who Know me, Like me and Trust me, like Rick teaches (KLT). I have not put my hand in my pocket for any costs for over five years! Like Rick teaches, I go forward out of profit, NOT out of pocket. Always being able to leverage my profits to even greater income. Lets face it, no one stays with any business or any person for over five years, unless it pays. - Kind Regards, B. Hedges