Associate Terms & Conditions

  1. I am of legal age in the state in which I reside and enter into this Agreement.
  2. This Agreement becomes effective upon acceptance of my signed and dated Application & Agreement.
  3. Upon acceptance, I will be an Independent Associate (IA). I understand that the Association Membership Dues are $99.00 yearly. In the event of non-renewal, member will be removed from membership privileges.
  4. I agree that as an IA, I am not an agent, employee, franchisee, or legal representative of the Association, and I will not be treated as an employee for any federal or state purposes, nor for purposes of the Federal Employment Act, the Federal Insurance Contributions Act, the Social Security Act, State Employee Acts, State Employee Security Acts, State Unemployment Acts, or State Workers Compensation Acts, nor any and all such Acts relative to Employee/Employer relationships, since none exist herein.
  5. I agree that I am solely responsible for payment of all Federal, State, Municipal, and any and all other income taxes, self employment taxes, sales taxes, license fees, etc., that may be incurred or come due as a result of my Association activities.
  6. I warrant that I am in compliance with all applicable laws, rules, regulations and ordinances of my Town, City, Municipality, County, Parish, State, etc., in connection with my Association activities.
  7. I understand that no purchase is required to subscribe to WTIA NEWS as a FREE Member Associate of WTIA.
  8. I understand that as an IA, I am not guaranteed any income, profit, or level of success, other than earnings from my own sales of the Association's services as outlined in the compensation program, and that I am responsible for my own IA expenses.
  9. I agree that I will represent the Association honestly and completely and I will make no misleading representations concerning earnings real or potential.
  10. I agree that in order to maintain a viable compensation program in today's competitive worldwide marketplace, and in order to comply with changing Federal, State, and Local laws, the Association may find it necessary to enhance its Associate Terms & Conditions, and/or its compensation programs, and such modifications shall become part of the Agreement.
  11. I agree that I am responsible for supervising and supporting IAs I sponsor into the Association.
  12. I authorize the Association to publish my name or image for achievement recognition.
  13. I agree not to use the Association's name, logo, trademark, etc., without prior written approval.
  14. I agree that due to the unique Daily Pay aspects of the Association, the Association will not be held to be at fault if any or all online payment processors are not accessible for any reason and the Association will catch up as soon as humanly possible.
  15. I agree that the Associate Terms & Conditions, in combination with the Application & Agreement, and the Association's marketing materials, which may be enhanced from time to time, constitute the entire Agreement, and that if any part of said Agreement shall be deemed null and void, other parts shall remain in effect. Latest dated revisions shall apply.
  16. I understand that I may cancel my membership in the Association at any time, and that the Association may cancel my membership at any time. Especially if I am deemed in violation of ethical business practices while representing WTIA.
  17. Due to the unique DAILY PAY aspects of the Association, all funds received are paid out the same day. Therefore, because all funds will have been distributed, the Association will have no funds available for refunds, thus I agree there can be NO REFUNDS.
  18. WTIA has been administered by Mr. Rick Mathews, Founder of The WealthSystemâ„¢, online since June of 1992 and for several years prior offline as WealthTeam USA. WTIA is in the auspices of CENTURION CHARITABLE TRUST, Belize City, Belize. All parties hereto agree that any claims, grievances, disputes, or other differences between them, will be resolved by binding arbitration according to the business rules and regulations of the Sovereign and Independent Nation of Belize.

1 Marage Plaze, Belize City, Belize
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